weird sex experience for women

Weird Sex Experience

We all have weird moments in life that are unforgettable. Sex can be a beautiful experience and sometimes you may encounter weird things that you never feel or see before and it can happen with man and woman both.

Nowadays people love to make one-night stand relationships without knowing each other in a better way and when they meet someone like weirdo they also get through a weird sex experience.

Here, we are mentioning a weird sex experience that a woman faced after a blind date and you will really enjoy it.

The Roaring Guy

Hello, friends, I am dating a guy that I met via a dating app and we came so close in a few meetings and we both were ready for the intercourse.

I have had many relationships before and all were good but this time I have no idea what I am going to experience with that guy.

He was a masculine man with a sexy body and an amazing personality and when I see him I feel aroused in my private parts and maybe he also understood that.

It was an evening when we went for a romantic date and then we booked a hotel suite for the whole night and I was having Goosebumps in my stomach. I am pretty good at oral sex and I know I can easily arouse a man.

When we both were undressing each other and started kissing and smooching and all that stuff I pushed him on the floor and started oral stimulation and he was lying like a dead body without any expression.

Firstly, I felt weird because not a single movement or any moan and soon when I felt bored and when I said him fuck me hard, he started roaring like a lion, it wasn’t, shouting or as men often make noise, he was just roaring.

I was so surprised and felt weird because I never faced a situation like that. He didn’t even notice my expression because he was much lost into his own.

His eyes were closed and constantly he was roaring and pushing like he was imagining about a lion. I must say it was an average experience but the roaring one is quite weird sex experience for women and as he was lying on the floor I thought something else.

Weird, things happen to everybody but it was out of the line and after many years I still remember his voice, weird.

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