The 5 Best Times For Having Sex

Are you one of those people who believe in timing even while having sex? If yes, then there is nothing to worry as timing play a solid role in boosting the level of pleasure. However, the real query is “which time is the best to have sex”? We are going to explain them in detail with a proper explanation. Still to us until the end to ensure that nothing gets missed.

  1. After A Workout

There is a higher sexual functioning followed in the body after a workout. According to the latest study from the University of Texas, the blood flow to the genital region can be nearly 170% higher after a workout.


The level of testosterone also increases in the body so you can enjoy a terrific session of love after it.


  1. Early Morning

You may get surprised to know, but early morning is the most suitable way of having sex. Both energy levels and testosterone stay higher at this time that allows the body to perform exceptionally well.


Moreover, the bonding between partners also gets a boost and finds more attachment with each other.


  1. After Watching A Scary Movie

The next best thing to enjoy sex is while or after watching a scary movie with your partner. Trust us, the adrenaline will pump, and the body goes in the state of arousal after watching a movie.


On top of that, the sexual response stays pretty higher during this state. Having sex after watching a scary movie is one of the most brilliant acts to enjoy.


  1. After A Bad Day

The level of stress reaches a pretty high-level once you have a bad day on the work. Having sex will be an exciting thing to experience that will eliminate stress for sure.


We can guarantee that you will love this experience in every possible manner.


  1. Under The Stars In The Car

We bet that a great number of people may have already enjoyed sex in the car previously. If not, then you should enjoy a session of erotic sex in the car tonight.


Trust us; it will be a pretty exciting thing to experience by a mile. So, you shouldn’t miss enjoying sex at some point in time.


 Sex can be enjoyed anytime when you want. However, these are the best times to enjoy sex according to online surveys and research. Have a blast tonight!

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